September 25, 2008


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Sound Science

The above is a link that probably best represents the research project I’ll be working on this semester. The project began as shown on the website. The short story is that information is gathered on the Port Jefferson – Bridgeport ferry and transmitted back to Stony Brook. The information is then collected, sorted and displayed on the website in just about real time. What we’re doing now is pretty much enhancing the map that you see on that website. We’re going to have it display data from various ferries and sources across the Long Island sound, and display information graphically on the map. It will be a separate image representing data integrated into the Google maps image so it will appear as one. Kind of hard to explain in words I guess. I’ll give some visuals as soon as I get everything setup from the CVS. It should be a fun project!


September 19, 2008

Mario on my wall

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I almost forgot about this from last weekend. Me being bored + rainy day + post-its = Mario on my wall. Pictures taken with my iPhone:

September 17, 2008

New websites

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I recently got three new websites up:
Give them a look, I think they came out pretty nice considering they were all thrown together pretty quickly!
I think my next project is a website for The Stony Brook Photography club, which should be a little bit more involved and a lot of fun!

September 15, 2008

Just another weekend.

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This weekend I went and watched Burn After Reading and read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, both of which I enjoyed greatly! I recommend them both. School is back in full swing and I am slowly losing all of my free time again; I miss it already. But, there is the light at the end of the tunnel: Only 8 months until graduation. I guess it is time to start thinking about what comes next; not something I really want to get into right now.

I guess I’m kind of distracted right now by football (Dallas/Philadelphia, hell of a game by the way) and I feel like I’m being short. So, I will leave this with a math problem:

When we perform a ‘digit slide’ on a number, we move its units digit to the front of the number. For example, the result of a ‘digit slide’ on 6471 is 1647. What is the smallest positive integer with 4 as its units digit such that the result of a ‘digit slide’ on the number equals 4 times the number?

Solution is in the comments

September 12, 2008

First Post!

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Well, just got this thing all set up and got the app installed on my iPhone! After doing my research this seemed like the best place for me to set up a blog! Let’s open the bottle of champagne and celebrate.

Blog at