November 15, 2008

Almost Thanksgiving..

Filed under: misc. — Jonathan @ 12:26 am

One of my favorite times of the year. Only two more weeks until Thanksgiving, another month until Christmas. The holidays are just about here! Fallen leaves have left the trees bare and you can feel a crunch in the morning grass. Of course, I am swamped with work, which has become the norm for this time. But, it should be done in time to have a relaxing Thanksgiving!

I read this in a newsletter today and I think it makes a lot of sense:

Look for opportunities for cooperation: Non-competitive and collegial experiences.
We live in a very competitive society. We are pressed to believe that competition is the dominant human approach to problems. Cooperation and collaboration reinforce the sense of security and resourcefulness that helps overcome the stress we all feel in our lives.

Just something to think about!


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