December 17, 2008

End of semester.

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Wow! Am I still alive? I still have a pulse. The past two weeks have probably been the busiest two weeks of my life! Hopefully it will pay off. Only two more finals left, both next week. Last final is on the 23rd. What a downer, no time for anything before Christmas! Claude and I demoed our database system yesterday and it went really well! We won best project in the class. I am really proud of our work and how much we got accomplished. I took care of all the front end/database transactions while Claude managed the back end “theory” type stuff of our SQL server. I was pretty much able to build a fully functioning “online auction house” (think eBay) from the ground up in two weeks. I’m planning on making some small changes and posting the site on my corpusvile server for anyone to view/use. It was a hell of a ride!

In other “school news”, I took my Compiler Design final tonight. Thank god that nightmare is over. Although, C.R. Ramakrishnan is a good guy. I did enjoy having him as a professor.

I finished up my research with Rob Kelly yesterday. It was fun and I wish I had some time to do more work with him.. although we do have something up our sleeves for next semester….

AND.. for anyone reading this that may be a Stony Brook University student, I strongly suggest to take any course you can with George Hart.
For anyone reading this that may not be a Stony Brook University student, I strongly suggest you take a look at George Harts work.
He is a very interesting guy, I wish I had more time to do some kind of work with him. I think he is one of the most intriguing people I have met in a long time.

I’ve noticed that a lot more people seem to be reading this, which makes me happy. I look forward to having some more free time to give this some good updates; I know i’ve been MIA for the past few weeks!


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