February 14, 2009

Friday the 13th

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Tonight was the new Friday the 13th. I have been waiting for this for years. First is was going to be “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash”, then it was going to be a remake, then it was going to be a continuation, then it was going to be…. you get the idea. The way they wound up doing it was pretty good: not a continuation, not an “insertion” and not a remake. I guess it was an original movie that didn’t really fit anywhere into the time line of the series and re-enacted some key moments in the first two movies. It almost seemed like they were trying to condense the first three or four movies into one. It worked alright, I guess, but it would just be better to watch the first four movies. Overall, I really liked it. It had its ups and downs, but I really did enjoy it. Here are some of the key pros and cons that I thought the movie had:

+Great prologue, probably one of the best in the series.
+Great ending.
+Great body placements.
+Pretty good characters. There was some room for improvement, but I would say they were above normal Friday the 13th standards.
+There were some great kills, although they started to get less creative as the movie went on. The burning sleeping bag kill is in my top 3 kills spanning all movies; awesome.
+Good camera work. Everything looks pretty good and there was great use of lighting.

-There was no need to remake the opening scene where Pamela Voorhees gets killed. Use the original footage, it was classic.
-I didn’t really like the whole Part 2 remakes. I liked Jason better in a little broken down cabin in the woods, not a big house. I know that Pamela was the camps cook, but was it ever established that the Voorhees lived in a house on the camp?
-The most upsetting part of this movie, to me, was how they rewrote the way Jason got his mask. That is just wrong. Jason got his hockey mask from Shelly in Part 3; end of story. I think that mask means so much to the character and symbolizes so much in the stories; every chip, every scratch, every piece of dirt, it all tells a story.
-Jason doesn’t run.. Why is he running so much?
-Jason doesn’t keep prisoners.. The idea that he let her live because she 1)Had his mothers locket and 2)She “looked like” his mother was good. But why is he keeping her chained up in an underground tunnel prison? All in all, I didn’t really like the whole thing.
-Why was there a mansion on Crystal Lake? I understand the kid’s family was rich, but a modest old cabin on the Lake would have done fine. It worked well in every other movie..

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