July 23, 2009

New website!

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So, I got pretty bored in the past week or so and decided to redo my website yet again. This is starting to happen every 6 months or so? Haha. Oh well! Hopefully this one will be a keeper! Check is out, please: www.corpusvile.com


July 11, 2009

Eastern Long Island

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I spent the day today out east at some of the Vineyards of Long Island. What a beautiful day it was! I think that it can go down as one of the more positive days I have had in some time. With a phone call from my good friend, James, we went out to the Pindar vineyards for a Porsche show, picked up a couple of cigars on the way, and entered an extremely relaxing day. We saw some nice cars, tasted some good wine, smoked some tasty cigars, and exited with a purchase oh sunflowers. From there we stopped at a little seafood place and ate some dinner. Very good food, although the name of the place slips my mind. Finally, we met up with some friends over at the Roanoke vineyards who were in between wedding ceremony and reception. We all sat outside, which a great view of the vineyards, and drank some more wine. I got to meet some very good people and got to wish I was wearing a suit so I could crash a wedding reception, haha. All in all, a great day. This part of Long Island, plus the beaches, is what makes this place beautiful!

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