November 30, 2009

Otherworldly Landscapes

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The seven giants of the Urals, Ural Mountains: Komi Republic, Russia

“In the northern Urals, where these leave behind vegetation to become velvety hills that blend into the horizon, seven giants majestically rise. Seven stone colossi that, in the middle of nowhere, seem to have made a stop in their journey to contemplate the scenery from the top of a high plateau. With heights varying from 30 to 42 meters, these seven moais, that nature has molded during more than 200 million years, form one of the most impressive and magic geological legacies on the planet.”

More photos and information: link


Love is in the air

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“As humans we take many things for granted. One is surely the ability to walk, crawl, or even, after a little too much to drink, drag ourselves over to a lovely member of the opposite sex. Plants have no such luxury. For much of the long history of green life on land, plants had to be near each other, touching almost, to mate.”

National Geographic has a surprisingly non-erotic history and photo gallery all about plant reproduction and pollen. Although most of us simply think of pollen as the yellow stuff on our car or that cloud in the air that is making us sneeze, when magnified it can be quite interesting.

“In the 300,000 pollen-bearing plant species on Earth, there are 300,000 different forms of pollen. The great variety in colors, shapes, and textures of the grains has evolved in accordance with each plant’s biological particulars. Beetle-pollinated plants tend to have smooth, sticky pollen, the better to adhere to the lumbering beetles’ backs. Plants pollinated by fast-moving bees or flies may have spiny pollen that lodges easily between the insects’ hairs. Plants pollinated by bigger animals, such as bats, sometimes have bigger pollen, though not always — perhaps not even most of the time. In the details of pollen’s variety, more remains to be explained than is understood.”

View the photo gallery: link
Read the article: link

November 25, 2009

Otherworldly Landscapes

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Chocolate Hills, Philippines

On the Philippine island of Bohol, nearly 1,300 grass-covered, limestone mounds called the Chocolate Hills dot an area of approximately 20 square miles. The mounds range from 100 to 400 feet high. In the dry season, the hills look like giant chocolate chips. Legend says they were formed by a defecating giant buffalo given food poisoning by vengeful local farmers, but scientific evidence suggests that they were created either by limestone weathering or volcanic debris.

source: msn

Frozen Niagra Falls

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Want to talk about cold? How cold does it have to be to freeze Niagra Falls!? Keep in mind that these pictures were taken in 1911 before there was a dam in place, so the water would have been much higher and much faster. Makes you excited for winter, eh?

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

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“Jeremy Holmes’s There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly is a delightful picture-book based on the beloved nursery rhyme. Holmes’s illustrations are grim and Gorey-esque, sepia-toned with lots of little comedy moments, whimsical annotations and elaborations (leathery bat-wings on a cow are unexpectedly fitting!). The book is an odd, tall shape (like a CD long-box), and the top third is the old lady’s face, with her eyes staring owlishly from behind round glasses. The grand finale of the book (“There was an old lady who swallowed a horse/She’s dead of course”) is celebrated with a cute mechanical effect: when you turn the last page, the lady’s eyes close and the accompanying illustration shows her arms folded across her chest, holding fly-swatter like a lily.”

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

November 24, 2009

National Geographic’s International Photography Contest 2009

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“National Geographic’s International Photography Contest attracts thousands of entries from photographers of all skill levels around the world every year. While this year’s entry deadline has passed, there is still time to view and vote for your favorites in the Viewer’s Choice competition.”

This is a collection of 25 images from the three categories of People, Places and Nature: link
National Geographic’s International Photography Contest: link
National Geographic’s International Photography Contest 2009 Voting Machine: link

Original King Kong Model For Sale

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Christie’s auction house in London is offering the original articulated model of King Kong as part of a pop culture sale. This is the model that was used in the stop-animation sequence in which Kong climbed the Empire State Buiding in the movie’s final sequences.

It is estimated to reach between $168,000 and $252,000 when it is auctioned Nov. 24.

The Washington Post has an additional full-length photo.  Credit for this photo Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images.

November 20, 2009

Tim Burton at MOMA

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Filmmaker Tim Burton’s visual art will be on display starting on Sunday, Nov. 22, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. His media include watercolors, line drawings, pastels, and sculptures. The exhibit features not only film concept work, but his independent, stand-alone projects.

You can expect to see some pictures from here posted in the next couple of weeks!

More info: link

Week 11 picks

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The Jets are the Jets and won’t upset New England again. Season is in full swing. Winners are bold.

Miami Dolphins AT Carolina Panthers
Colts AT Baltimore Ravens
Washington Redskins AT Dallas Cowboys
Cleveland Browns AT Detroit Lions
San Francisco 49ers AT Green Bay Packers
Buffalo Bills AT Jacksonville Jaguars
Steelers AT Kansas City Chiefs
Seattle Seahawks AT Minnesota Vikings
Atlanta Falcons AT New York Giants
New Orleans
Saints AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cardinals AT St. Louis Rams
San Diego Chargers AT Denver Broncos
New York Jets AT New England Patriots
Bengals AT Oakland Raiders
Eagles AT Chicago Bears
Tennessee Titans AT Houston Texans

November 19, 2009

Where’d The Cheese Go?

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Oblong Pictures is an imaginary film company which specialises in making short stop-motion films using the popular children’s toy, LEGO.

This is a music video, after a fashion, for a very short song by Ween. It features LEGO’s Orient Adventure characters in a helter skelter race against time to locate their missing dairy produce. Kind of.

The song and its history can be found on the Ween website – long story short, it started out as an advertising jingle for Pizza-Hut but they (or their ad agency) passed on it, so the band posted it online.

As if the song wasn’t catchy enough, this video turns it into something infectious. Be careful, this will creep into your brain and never come out. What was Pizza-Hut thinking, passing this one up?

For more information on Oblong Pictures and more lego videos, see their website: link

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