November 18, 2009

Bent Objects

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Terry Border’s blog, Bent Objects, is a great example of an artist using simple techniques to bring life to inanimate objects. From the zombie peanuts (shown to the left) to the muscle flexing “Stud-Muffin”, all of these creations are given a pulse with simple bent objects.

In a recent interview with Neatorama, Terry Border says:

“I started a blog so that I could show off some of my wire creations, hoping that I could sell of them. (Plain and simple profit-driven beginnings! ha!) People were liking what I was doing, but much to my surprise they wanted photos of what I was making, and not so much the wire things themselves. I also started adding my screwy humor to the pieces, and again, much to my surprise, people really connected with it.”

As if these objects themselves weren’t enough, Terry also creates some amazing scenes which do a great job of adding emotion to the mix. One of my favorites, “The Party”, shows a lone cheese puff amongst crackers, which seems to be sadly drinking its wine.

“I’ll tell you a secret – a lot of times I’m not trying to be funny at all. I’m just creating the saddest situation I can think of while using a certain object. Sometimes, while I’m photographing a scene, I’m like “Oh man. I’ve gone too far here. People are gonna see how sick I am, and make me get psychological help.” Know what though? Those are always my most popular images. People see them as funny. There are a lot of sick people out there, just like me.”

Terry has recently put out a new book, Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things, published by Running Press, featuring some 60+ wire creations.

For more info on Terry and all of his creations, visit the blog: link


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