December 7, 2009

This month in space.

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MSN offers fresh perspectives on the Crab Nebula, Milky Way and more in a slide show with this months top space photography. Needless to say, some of these shots are out of this world ;)

View the full slide show: link


December 4, 2009

100 Days in Glacier National Park

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Chris Peterson went to Montana’s Glacier National Park for 100 days starting in May. Every day he took at least one  photograph and posted it on his blog. The finished product is amazing. The pictures and descriptions are beautiful. Take 5 minutes out of your day to get lost in these photographs.

More information: link

November 30, 2009

Love is in the air

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“As humans we take many things for granted. One is surely the ability to walk, crawl, or even, after a little too much to drink, drag ourselves over to a lovely member of the opposite sex. Plants have no such luxury. For much of the long history of green life on land, plants had to be near each other, touching almost, to mate.”

National Geographic has a surprisingly non-erotic history and photo gallery all about plant reproduction and pollen. Although most of us simply think of pollen as the yellow stuff on our car or that cloud in the air that is making us sneeze, when magnified it can be quite interesting.

“In the 300,000 pollen-bearing plant species on Earth, there are 300,000 different forms of pollen. The great variety in colors, shapes, and textures of the grains has evolved in accordance with each plant’s biological particulars. Beetle-pollinated plants tend to have smooth, sticky pollen, the better to adhere to the lumbering beetles’ backs. Plants pollinated by fast-moving bees or flies may have spiny pollen that lodges easily between the insects’ hairs. Plants pollinated by bigger animals, such as bats, sometimes have bigger pollen, though not always — perhaps not even most of the time. In the details of pollen’s variety, more remains to be explained than is understood.”

View the photo gallery: link
Read the article: link

November 25, 2009

Frozen Niagra Falls

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Want to talk about cold? How cold does it have to be to freeze Niagra Falls!? Keep in mind that these pictures were taken in 1911 before there was a dam in place, so the water would have been much higher and much faster. Makes you excited for winter, eh?

November 24, 2009

National Geographic’s International Photography Contest 2009

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“National Geographic’s International Photography Contest attracts thousands of entries from photographers of all skill levels around the world every year. While this year’s entry deadline has passed, there is still time to view and vote for your favorites in the Viewer’s Choice competition.”

This is a collection of 25 images from the three categories of People, Places and Nature: link
National Geographic’s International Photography Contest: link
National Geographic’s International Photography Contest 2009 Voting Machine: link

November 16, 2009

NatGeo Photographer Paul Nicklen Finds the Sensitive Side of an Antarctic Leopard Seal

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Not only did National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen get to swim and take photos of a 12-foot leopard seal in the Antarctic without being eaten, he actually got to witness the soft side of this deadly creature.

“I slipped into the water, terrified of what might happen, and I swam up to this leopard seal. My legs were shaking and I had dry mouth. Right away she dropped the penguin. She came up to me and she opened her mouth … and her head is twice as wide as a grizzly bear’s head. She’s huge. She took my whole head and my camera inside her head and did this threat display.

But then the most remarkable thing happen. She went off and got me a live penguin. She came up and she started to feed me a penguin. She kept letting these live penguins go and the penguin would shoot past me and she’d look disgusted as she go by me. She did this over and over.

And then I think she realized that I was this useless predator in her ocean, probably going to starve to death and I think she became quite panicked and she got me weak penguins then dead penguins …”

November 5, 2009

Fred Lebain

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Untitled-1“fred lebain is not scared of the mundane or clichés.
instead, he plays with them, superimposing their images on one another. last spring lebain
took images of various areas in new york city, each one of them an occasion of a ‘first visit’
to the location, in which he photographed and then printed in large poster format. later,
he returned to the same spots for a second visit, capturing a larger framed shot in which
he aligned the poster documenting his first visit to the current scene.”

View the photos here: link

October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

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October 28, 2009

Do chimps grieve?

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Look at this photograph and just try to tell me the answer is no.

This incredible image was shot for National Geographic by Monica Szczupider, and shows chimpanzees at the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon. They’re observing as the body of an elder troop member named Dorothy is taken to burial. She died at 40 years of age, which is pretty old for a chimpanzee.

The photo appears in the November issue of National Geographic Magazine, in the “Visions of Earth” section.

October 26, 2009

Why not?

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