January 26, 2010

Page moving!

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This blog will no longer be hosted on wordpress, I will be hosting it on my own domain at: www.corpusvile.com

Please update any links. This page will soon be deleted.



October 16, 2009

New website

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I’m working on rolling out my new site. Keeping things simpler. Have patience while I get everything up and running, I just wanted to get the old one down and the new one up. I’ll keep this updated as I add more! As always, feedback is welcome!

July 23, 2009

New website!

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So, I got pretty bored in the past week or so and decided to redo my website yet again. This is starting to happen every 6 months or so? Haha. Oh well! Hopefully this one will be a keeper! Check is out, please: www.corpusvile.com

February 19, 2009


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I have some neat projects I’m working on this semester for school and I’m trying to keep everything very well documented with web pages. All of my school projects will be present here: http://www.corpusvile.com/education.html

I’m trying to get a project from last semester up and running. Everything is just about ready to go, except that my server apparently doesn’t support .jsp which, of course, was what the project was required to be coded in. So, it’s either recode the project to .asp or .php, or find a new way to host it. Obviously, the latter will be the solution. So, does anyone know any good sites for hosting? I would prefer as many technologies supported as possible. I definitely need php, perl and mysql support/resources. I would appreciate a comment or email with any suggestions!

January 13, 2009

Lots of web coding.

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It didn’t take me too long to totally rebuild two websites, and I think they came out great. I would appreciate it if everyone could have a look. First, I decided, out of no where, to rebuild my own site. Why? I couldn’t tell you, but I think it came out much nicer:


I wanted to give it a more solid look and feel.. Ready for the job market, I guess? This just looks a lot cleaner and is much more expandable. I am excited to add more to it (first will probably be more puzzles/solutions and media/animations). I can’t wait to have some fun!

Second, I decided to just rebuild the site I made for my buddy Jon. We had tons of changes we wanted to make, so I just started from scratch which wound up being tons easier.. AND fast! I built this site in less then 24 hours!


After all this in a couple of days, I am wiped! Time for some sleep.

September 25, 2008


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Sound Science

The above is a link that probably best represents the research project I’ll be working on this semester. The project began as shown on the website. The short story is that information is gathered on the Port Jefferson – Bridgeport ferry and transmitted back to Stony Brook. The information is then collected, sorted and displayed on the website in just about real time. What we’re doing now is pretty much enhancing the map that you see on that website. We’re going to have it display data from various ferries and sources across the Long Island sound, and display information graphically on the map. It will be a separate image representing data integrated into the Google maps image so it will appear as one. Kind of hard to explain in words I guess. I’ll give some visuals as soon as I get everything setup from the CVS. It should be a fun project!

September 17, 2008

New websites

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I recently got three new websites up:
Give them a look, I think they came out pretty nice considering they were all thrown together pretty quickly!
I think my next project is a website for The Stony Brook Photography club, which should be a little bit more involved and a lot of fun!

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